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About Apogee

"Everyone at Apogee is extremely proud of the impact we have made on the future of human creativity during our first decade of evolution. As a result of these accomplishments, the decade to come offers possibilities beyond what anyone would have believed possible ten years ago."
Kenneth Schneider, President of The Apogee Foundation

Apogee is a global philanthropic organization dedicated to discover, develop and celebrate the creative potential of mankind.

Apogee achieves its goals through three synergistic program divisions conducted in partnership with preeminent artists and institutions around the world:

These three program divisions create a virtuous circle empowering exceptionally gifted artists to reach the apogee of their potential.

Huang Nansong, a student of Apogee Achievement Award laureate, Professor Zhang Jin, is shown in live performance of the Yellow River Concerto with full orchestra in China
For more information, see Apogee's 23 October 2007 news release.
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