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"Becoming a laureate and representative of an international organization that values human and artistic excellence is a great honor and a great responsibility for me to live up to. Apogee enables me to study and perform around the world with incredibly talented artists, while also allowing me to serve as an ambassador for my own homeland – and it is a wonderful duty to fulfill the trust this places in me to make the most of these incredible opportunities. Thanks to this, I find myself always becoming re-devoted to being the best artist and the best person I can be, and to fulfill not only my dreams but those of my country and of artists everywhere."

Simion Gronic, Apogee's first Merit Scholar from Moldova

At Apogee, we believe that the true worth of our movement and the excellence it seeks to foster must be judged on the basis of what we value as human beings.

At Apogee we value:

  • the power of the arts to cultivate human excellence physically, mentally and spiritually
  • the unique creative potential of every person and the unique path to its realization
  • the beauty of sharing our talents as human beings in what we perform both on stage and off
  • the need for each individual to behave with dignity and integrity, and the need to respect the dignity and integrity of others
  • the empowerment of individuals and society brought about by honest merit-based practices
  • the power of diverse cultures and belief systems to enlighten and inspire one another
  • the capacity of every individual in our movement to build a better future for everyone we touch and for the entire world
  • the passion that inspires our mission and the many ways in which helping others to fulfill their greatest potential as human beings serves to fulfill our own highest potential both as professionals and as people

    ~ and ~
  • the enrichment of everyone that results from practicing these values in every aspect of what we do.

Window on the Apogee World

Tommy Helsby Youri A. Kuznetsov
Tatyana Markova Dr. Inna Mattei

Shown are members of Apogee's global Advisory Council. The Foundation seeks to attract the highest level professionals from all relevant fields to ensure that it can optimally fulfill its mission and realize its vision around the world

Yu Rongfu Professor Nina Balabina
Michael A. Fortier Francesca Martonffy

Tommy Helsby, Youri Kuznetsov, Yu Rongfu, and Nina Balabina
Tatyana Markova, Dr. Inna Mattei, Michael Fortier, and Francesca Martonnfy


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