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Our Vision

"It is a pleasure to be a part of Apogee's work and to bear witness its possibilities for realizing the potential of China's most gifted young artists. We enthusiastically support the Foundation's mission and believe that Apogee has a great future in Asia and around the world."
Professor Yu Rongfu, International Secretary and former Director of the Central Conservatory Music School in Beijing, China

Apogee's Virtuous Circle of Excellence: Recreating Tomorrow from Yesterday Today

Apogee is unique in its ability to discover and assist extremely gifted performing artists in all parts of the world, and is without peer in the spectrum of support it provides for developing artistic excellence.

Since 1997, the Foundation has been proud to champion exceptional artists from all over the world ranging from under 10 to over 80 years of age, enabling them to achieve the apogee of human excellence in art and in life.

Apogee's Origins

The Launch of a Foundation

Window on the Apogee World

Dmitrij Smirnov is shown in his prize winning performance at the 2006 Crescendo Music Festival in St. Petersburg's Philharmonic Hall

Violin prodigy Dmitrij Smirnov was selected by an Apogee jury at the 2006 Crescendo Music Festival in St. Petersburg as the outstanding performer of the event, entitling him to receive a special edition of Apogee's Rising Star Award as well as an Apogee Merit Scholarship to support his continued training and development. The Foundation then monitored Smirnov's progress and subsequently named him the youngest recipient ever of an Apogee World Scholarship.

Although Smirnov was previously unknown, within four months of the Foundation identifying him as a world class talent and assisting him in fulfilling his potential on the world stage, he had been awarded the grand prizes at the most prestigious competitions for young violinists in both Russia and Europe and was recognized as the top young violinist in the world.

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13 September 2006 and 18 April 2006
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