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Apogee History

The Launch of a Foundation

Following its formative years working to discover, develop and celebrate the most elite institutions and talented emerging artists from institutions of a prior era, Apogee's principals and partners found themselves firmly in the 21st century with a unique understanding of what was required to save and advance their prospects for healthy artistic and human evolution and personal and professional opportunities to fulfill their potential on a global basis.

During the decade to come, a global institution would take shape that would formulate and implement innovative ideas and methods that brought together the best of East and West, old and new.

In the first years of the new millennium, Apogee’s principals had focused tremendous economic and political resources on the transformation of existing paradigms. In the years that would follow, they would then begin implementing a visionary campaign to establish new paradigms: seeking to bring the phoenix of creative genius forth from the ashes of a self consuming system to produce bold new models for fostering human excellence worldwide.

The Evolution of a Global Movement

  • Incorporation of Foundation as New York not-for-profit
  • Opening of New York office
  • Creation, adoption and registration of trademarks
  • First partnership with a major international competition
  • First two competition prizes awarded
  • Higher standards and benefits for scholarship recipients
  • Institutionalization of Rising Star Award for major academies
  • Launch of Internet public awareness programs
  • First sponsorship of professional employment for beneficiaries
  • Launch of career websites to enhance beneficiaries' careers


Apogee Matures into a Major Force in the Performing Arts World

  • Appointment of Regional Representatives around the world
  • Appointment of Professional Specialists in relevant fields
  • Opening of Manhattan office
  • Etablishing of regional bureaus in the USA, CIS and EU
  • Appointment of official photographer
  • Appointment of graphic designer and roll out of new website
  • Initiation of career management assistance to beneficiaries
  • Launch of multi-tiered public communications programs
  • Apogee award laureates join top professional companies
  • Introduction of top C.I.S. talent into elite Western companies
  • Increase in support to all award programs
  • Sponsorship of advanced kinesthetic training techniques
  • Promulgation of first performance studies research
  • Providing of first professional photoshoots
  • Appearance of Apogee beneficiaries in national publications
  • Introduction of Regional Awards programs
  • First partnerships with major dance companies
  • First collaborations with major research institutions
  • Launch of Synergy Program and first Synergy events
  • First joint East-West training program among elite institutions
  • Appointment of beneficiary representatives as Directors
  • Debut beneficiary performances at Covent Garden
  • Debut beneficiary performances at Lincoln Center in New York
  • Commissioning and publication of first full scale policy study
  • Sponsorship and participation in first public seminar
  • Fusion Program training sessions begun
  • Adoption of anti-corruption policies and strategy
  • Commissioning of theoretical work in performance studies
  • Initiation of Apogee Information Services
  • Creation of scholarship and mastership career websites
  • Publication of Apogee's Statement of Values
  • Initiation of programs with major EU training institutions


Apogee Goes Global

  • Sponsored first international music festival for elite talent
  • Organized first Apogee-branded international music festival
  • Opened Atlantic and Pacific Regional Headquarters
  • Began publishing information in multiple languages
  • Began partnering with local, regional and national governments
  • Began image relaunch with new logo and mascot
  • Launched full scale Fusion Programs on two continents
  • Created Advisory Council of leading professionals and experts
  • Launched Artists in Residence Program
  • Created first full-length, original ballet
  • Formalized relations with leading music programs in the CIS
  • Began assisting beneficiaries to participate in international events
  • Major increase in sponsorship levels for all award laureates


Taking Charge of Destiny

  • First full decade of operations consummated
  • New logo design unveiled reflecting evolved ideals
  • Global Advisory Council of leading professionals appointed
  • First beneficiaries placed at leading universities
  • Internship and residency positions made available
  • First full length ballet completed
  • First multimedia collaborations
  • Full scale, independent music festival series produced
  • Apogee award laureates sweep international competitions
  • First beneficiaries placed in elite UK training institutions
  • First documentaries and television series produced
  • Programs launched throughout Asia
  • Operations begun in Israel, Japan, China and India
  • Charitable giving opportunities made available to the public
  • First full length interviews and articles published in major publications
  • Appointment of 18 representatives in 14 world capitals
  • Consolidation of management into four global headquarters
  • Global media & technology collaboration with Aurience Limited begins
  • Awards, Academy and Artists programs streamlined and enhanced


Achieving the Potential

  • Launch of programs in China and East Asia
  • Launch of programs in New Orleans and North America
  • First Apogee Academy program conducted in India and South Asia
  • First Chinese Apogee Scholars and Achievement Award laureates named
  • First American Apogee Scholar named
  • First Apogee Artists concert events in North America
  • First North American radio broadcasts
  • First Apogee Audiocasting podcasts produced and made available online
  • Apogee Awards laureates continue to rake in awards on three continents
  • First highly qualified volunteer specialists appointed as Apogee Associates
  • First development and academic planning specialists associates enrolled
  • First development internship positions made available
  • New Apogee Awards certificates and Apogee Artists posters designed
  • First and second global operations brochures produced
  • First Apogee storybook produced presenting Apogee's history and programs
  • First Apogee calendar designed to honor Apogee Artists around the world
  • Apogee website materials made available in half-a-dozen additional languages
  • 14 Regional Coordinators appointed around the globe
  • 12 member Global Advisory Council named
  • Large increase in Apogee Information Services subscribers
  • Apogee videocasting makes available streaming video of Apogee artists


Pages from The Apogee Foundation 2008 Storybook
Shown above are two pages from The Apogee Foundation 2008 Storybook, a work published to provide information on the Foundation's history and programs for the Foundation's sponsors and partners around the world.

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