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Apogee History

Apogee's Origins

Apogee was born, phoenix-like, from the collapse of the former Soviet Union and from creative people’s struggle there to emerge from the challenges this presented to cultivate humanity’s highest potential. The next Vladimir Horowitz, the next Konstantin Stanislavsky, Fyodor Chaliapin, Mikhail Baryshnikov: people with such amazing talents were failing to fulfill their destinies within systems being managed according to the imploded economic and philosophical paradigms of a failed era.

Unimaginable mutations occurred and, in the Foundation grew out of the concerted efforts of a highly skilled and dedicated group of international professionals to rectify the resulting human catastrophes.

During its evolution into a vehicle with global impact, a crystalized awareness and institutional plan of action emerged reaching beyond this specific set of crises and opportunities: one dedicated for the first time to recognizing and developing such extraordinary artistic genius wherever it might be found, and to overcoming the challenges to realizing such monumental human potential whatever they might be.

With recruitment of additional forces from around the world and Apogee's ensuing march first throughout Eurasia and then around the globe, the Foundation's mission of promoting humanity's greatest potential from the earliest stages of its beneficiaries' career cycles became an opportunity for every participant in this historic movement to create a lasting legacy for all mankind: literally "recreating the future of human creativity."


The Dawn of Apogee

  • First international student exchange program organized
  • First U.S.A. scholarship provided
  • First C.I.S. scholarship provided



The Expansion Begins

  • First professional and financial partnerships formed
  • First large scale donation of equipment to a major cultural institution
  • First international funding vehicle organized for a major program
  • First legal, accounting and financial services provided
  • First administrative and governance models developed
  • First programmed delivery of assistance to gifted artists
  • First nutritional support program for students initiated
  • First medical supplies obtained and provided to a training institution
  • First international faculty exchange program organized


A Bold New Vision Emerges

  • Increase in support for emerging performers and leading instructors
  • First national merit scholarship program implemented
  • First assistance in producing a major performance tour
  • First choreography and costumes commissioned and performed
  • First independent performances organized and produced
  • First marshalling of business and political leaders to promote reform
  • First immigration services provided to beneficiaries for study abroad
  • First underwriting of a study abroad program for gifted artists


Taking Charge of Destiny

  • First collaboration with national governmental agencies
  • First institutional redevelopment plan promulgated
  • Doubling of direct assistance programs to gifted artists
  • Producing of first concert series
  • Development of first academic syllabus
  • First collaboration with a major international arts competition
  • First appointment to oversee a marquee academic institution
  • First anti-corruption program initiated and promoted
  • Launch of the international Apogee Foundation trademark
  • Institutionalization of international summer study grants


Apogee Evolves into a Global Vision

  • First partnership with a regional government administration
  • First programs for economically disadvantaged areas
  • First regional auditions to identify world class talent
  • First training program organized, financed and run in entirety
  • First talent from remote areas brought into elite institutions
  • First donation of equipment into underpriveleged regions
  • Full spectrum of assistance provided for all career phases
  • First large corporate partnership and grant implemented
  • First institutional reform and security programs implemented
  • First donation of large transport vehicles to institutions
  • First implementation of health and performance technologies
  • First high tech medical equipment procured and provided
  • First grant of computer technology and website
  • First modernization / reform collaboration with global auditors

Beyond Borders, Beyond Bounds

  • Bold refocusing beyond the C.I.S. to adopt a global perspective
  • Formalization of scholarship programs and increase in funding
  • First Rising Star Award awarded to recognize emerging artists
  • First grant provided for full-year of study abroad
  • First introduction of C.I.S. talent into elite Western training
  • First grant provided to a third-party NGO


Bolshoi Ballet Academy Students Backstage at the Bolshoi Theatre

First and second year Bolshoi Ballet Academy students backstage during a full scale Academy performance at the Bolshoi Theatre in Moscow during the years when Apogee experimented with regime change and sought to reform this institution from within so that such impressionable, developing talents could achieve their greatest potential as human beings on the world stage.

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During the five years from 1997 to 2002, Apogee's principals and partners provided the Bolshoi Academy with the most substantial economic, political and technological resources ever made available to this institution from the private sector. To insure that those whom this institution was intended to serve would have the benefit of these resources, going forward, during the 2001/2002 academic year Apogee attempted to implement the first complete restructuring of a Russian performing arts institution in post-communist Russia.


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