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Fusion Program

Artistic Development



"We are delighted to collaborate with The Apogee Foundation in fulfilling our shared goals of achieving excellence in the performing arts, and look forward to a year ahead filled with exciting and meaningful accomplishments."

Susan Glazer, Director of the School of Dance, University of the Arts, Philadelphia PA (USA)

In pursuing the aims of its Fusion Program, Apogee integrates dozens of advanced kinesthetic training techinques with auxiliary educational programs and experiential opportunities across multiple disciplines.


Fusion's Artistic Development programs consolidate a wide range of aesthetic and kinesthetic training techniques, including:


  • modern dance theory and practice
  • movement improvisation and movement analysis
  • instruction in Western approaches to aesthetic movement including Balanchine, Cecchetti, Bournonville, RAD and Horton techniques
  • Method Acting
  • kinesthetic approaches to visual arts and visual approaches to kinesthetic arts
  • Dalcroze Eurhythmics and Kodály Musicality Training
  • ear training programs
  • courses and materials in voice, articulation and English and American diction
  • holistic secondary/higher education in leading institutions of learning
  • innovative cross-training programs among performing arts disciplines
  • extensive libraries of printed, electronic and audio-video learning and career advancement resources
  • computer equipment and Internet access to open the limitless world of self-conducted education, exploration and networking
Brian Sanders and Roman Zavarov at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia
University of the Arts master instructor Brian Sanders is shown working with Apogee personnel in Philadelphia on the Artistic Development portion of the Foundation's Fusion Program

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