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"We are grateful to Apogee for their efforts to build a future where talented people in Ukraine (and around the globe) can be recognized for their gifts and helped to fulfil their dreams."
Pavlo Melnik, Director of the Demutsky State Music School in Uman, Ukraine

To insure that the world's most gifted emerging artists are able to fulfill their potential on the world stage, the Foundation acquires and maintains on a ongoing, as needed basis an inventory of high quality musical instruments as well as a wardrobe of costumes and props suitable for various forms of performing arts, and provides these on loan to its beneficiaries who can most benefit from their use for the periods needed.

When the selected beneficiary's need for the instrument has passed, or when the beneficiary ceases to be a beneficiary of the Foundation, the recipient has the option of acquiring the instrument or of returning it to the Foundation so that it can subsequently be provided on the same basis to another beneficiary who can further benefit from its use.

These items typically cost thousands of dollars to obtain, which is well beyond the means of most young emerging artists, and particularly those who are from the second and third worlds where Apogee is in many cases their only source of significant support.

A Bach Stradivarius 180S 43 Silver Pro Bb Trumpet Provided to Apogee Merit Scholar Bogdan Dekhtyaruk
  Window on the Apogee World
The Foundation is dedicated to helping elite emerging artists to achieve their fullest potential
Shown, opposite is a highly rated Bach Stradivarius 180S 43 Silver Pro Bb Trumpet provided in 2008 to Apogee Merit Scholar Bogdan Dekhtyaruk on which to continue his training and career

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