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“Music for me is a breathtaking art: it heals, inspires and gives meaning to human life. By enabling artists around the world to achieve their potential, Apogee unites us in exchanging ideas, building understanding, and attaining excellence. It is my hope that all of the aims of The Apogee Foundation will be fulfilled so that the dreams of young artists all over the world can someday come true. I have promised in my own heart to do everything I can to make it so."

Olga Zadorozhnuik, Apogee Merit Scholar

Apogee’s Synergy Programs offer gifted artists from different cultural backgrounds the opportunity to transform their diversity into mutual, collaborative empowerment in the sharing of their artistry and humanity with one other and with the world.

Synergy is defined as the interaction of different elements that results in a combined effect greater than the sum of the parts.

Apogee was originally formed as an East-West, post-Cold War collaboration to achieve new forms of understanding and achievement between political systems that lead to economic and military conflict. New intercultural programs to which the Foundation has rededicated itself in achieving such progress include interfaith contexts that have likewise resulted in conflicts despite profoundly shared cultural roots and spiritual vision.

These programs make evident to the world the unique and valuable gifts with which each cultural tradition is endowed, and the tremendous creative powers that can be generated and released into the world by bringing these powerful forces into positive synergy.

Window on the Apogee World

Apogee's Synergy Emblem: The Dove in Flight

The Foundation’s Synergy Programs offer gifted artists from cultures which have experienced historical conflict the opportunity to transform their differences into mutual, collaborative empowerment in the sharing of their special talents with one other and with the world.

The icon of Synergy is the universal symbol of peace and transcendence: the dove in flight. This sign of hope and understanding was rendered for Apogee by a Jewish artist employing traditional Islamic calligraphy.
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