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Media & Technology

"This is an historic opportunity to bring together two trailblazing organizations working in naturally synergistic fields to achieve transformations in both."
Camran Shafii: Apogee's Senior Vice President in charge of the Foundation's interface with the media & technology industries

Beginning in 2007, Apogee has forged a global collaboration with the London and Los Angeles based media & technology group: Aurience Limited.

The aim of this collaboration is to promote performing arts excellence around the world through film and television, interactive technologies, recorded media and live event productions. In fulfilling this aim, the two organizations now share personnel, know-how and proprietary programs to develop new synergies between the power of the performing arts and the penetration of electronic media. Jointly created Apogee-Aurience media & technology productions are designed to foster new levels of appreciation for, and participation in, the life and work of elite performing artists.

These programs can serve the Foundation's mission and the interest of its beneficiaries and benefactors in many ways: increasing their exposure, knowledge and opportunities among naturally synergistic fields and cultivating new awareness of and markets for their talents. Apogee's media & technology programs also offer the opportunities for beneficiaries, volunteers and professionals to undertake internships and residencies while working in this crossover area bridging the elite levels of the arts and media industries.

For more information, please see the Foundation's 7 June 2007 press release.

Window on the Apogee World

Apogee has launched a strategic collaboration with the international media & technology group, Aurience Limited, to expand the scope, scale and penetration of its marquee performing arts programs around the world through film and television, interactive technologies and recorded media productions.

These media & technology upgrades will be designed to interfuse the power of performance art and the penetration of electronic media to inspire new awareness of, and to create new markets for, excellence in the performing arts through excellence in the electronic arts.

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