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Odessa International Music Festival



"We are glad for this opportunity to partner with The Apogee Foundation in continuing Odessa's traditions of producing world class artistic talent, and we look forward to continuing to collaborate on building new traditions with new artists for a new era together."

Youri Kuznetsov: Head of the Department of Tourism and Culture for the Odessa Province of Ukraine, Apogee’s Regional Representative in Ukraine and a member of the Foundation's Global Advisory Council

One of the crown jewels in the Apogee Artists series of events around the world is its Odessa International Music Festival, held annually in this city of musical legends.

The event is administered by Apogee in collaboration with the Department of Culture ahd Tourism for the Odessa Province of Ukraine, the Odessa Philharmonic Orchestra, and the Stolyarsky State Music School.

To insure that all world class music students can participate, no application of participation fees will be charged and performances at the festival will be free program. Also, the festival adheres to the Foundation's policy of providing an alternative to competitions for the world's most talented performing artsts. This is based on the belief that young artists during their formative years can best achieve their fullest potential cooperatively and in appreciation of one another's unique talents, rather than placed in opposition to one another. Hence, all applicants who are judged adequately advanced in their training and abilities to receive Apogee Merit Scholarships, Apogee World Scholarships or Rising Star Awards will be invited to participate, and all participants qualified for these levels of recognition and benefits will receive them.

All Apogee award laureates are eligible to participate and all others are welcome on the basis of live or videotaped auditions. For more information, please contact any of the Foundation's regional headquarters.

In addition to showcasing Apogee's emerging musical talent from around the globe, the Foundation's Odessa festival also includes in its program several internationally recognized choirs, performances and master classes by world famous musicians and instructors, and gala concerts featuring some of the world's most outstanding young musical talent performing live with major national orchestras.

Click here to read the advance press release for the 2006 festival

Click here to read the release announcing the results of the 2006 festival

Apogee Merit Scholar Sergey Nikituk is shown in live solo and chamber music performances at Apogee's Odessa International Music Festival. This footage is an excerpt of a television documentary jointly produced by Apogee and its media & technology partner, Aurience Limited, to promote the next generation of elite performing artists on the world stage.
Nikituk is a student at Ukraine's leading music school: the Stolyarsky State Music School, where before her studied some of the greatest performing artists of the 20th Century, including David Oistrakh, Nathan Milstein and Emil Gilels.
For more information, see Apogee's 3 October 2006 news release.
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