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"I wish that all young artists could have the opportunities to fulfil their dreams in the way that being a part of the Apogee family has allowed me to fulfil mine."
Ballet dancer Vadim Muntagirov: Apogee World Scholar from Chelyabinsk (Siberia), Russia, recipient of an Apogee Scholarship at the age of nine that enabled him to study in both Russia’s and then the world’s leading dance schools in the years that followed.

Discovering Artistic Excellence

Apogee Awards is an internationally recognized, multi-tiered project designed to discover and support extremely gifted artists at each stage of their careers: whether students in their first years of training, artists at the pinnacle of their careers, or masters conveying their wealth of experience to future generations.

Apogee Awards programs are designed not only to discover these artists, wherever they may be, but also to provide them with support in achieving their greatest potential. As an integral part of this support, Apogee Awards laureates have the opportunity to participate in Apogee Academy training programs and to perform at Apogee Artists events, beginning the virtuous circle of excellence.

Window on the Apogee World

Apogee's official 2007 wall poster

This Apogee Foundation poster, provided to sponsors of the events depicted, presents more than a dozen Apogee Excellence Award laureates from Russia, Ukraine, Moldova and China: each of whom is among the most elite performing artists in their class on the face of the Earth.

You, too, can become a part of Apogee's mission to "achieve the potential" of human excellance in the performance arts by becoming a supporter of or participant in the Foundation's innovative Apogee Awards, Apogee Academy and Apogee Artists programs, which now span the globe so that the world's most gifted emerging artists and those who assist them can be identified, supported, developed and promoted, wherever they may be.

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