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“We are privileged on behalf of the global community to recognize and honor such superlatively accomplished individuals and their ongoing contributions to the performing arts. Each of these distinguished professionals evidences the continuingly awesome potential of traditions which in many ways are unmatched in the history of the world. In doing so, they are realizing the apogee of human excellence which our Foundation seeks to foster.”
Kenneth Schneider, President of The Apogee Foundation


(Award Types: Art Forms and Years Received)

Sidorov Sakharova & Dokukin

The first two laureates of the Yoel Plakht Achievement Award, Yuri Sidorov and Nikolai Dokukin, flank the first laureate of the Geidenreikh Honorarium for Excellence in Education, Ludmila Sakharova, in the Tchaikovsky Concert Hall in Moscow.

Sidorov and Dokukin, Plakht's own students at the Perm State Ballet School, have carried on Plakht's legacy in carrying on to rank among the preeminent instructors of male ballet technique in Russia: Sidorov at the Perm School and Dokukin at the Bolshoi Ballet Academy. Until her recent retirement, Sakharova had served for over three decades in succeeding Plakht as Artistic Director in Perm.

The top students and faculty members of the Perm State Ballet School have received awards and assistance from the Foundation every academic year since 1999/2000.

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Note: the structure of Apogee's award and grant programs was formalized in 2005. Because some awards and grants had different titles and/or were accounted for in periods other than academic years or performance seasons in prior years, and because some of the awards listed above were provided by other persons and entities before the time of Apogee's existence and were later grandfathered into Apogee Awards programs in order to assist those beneficiaries further, all entries prior to 2005 have been designated according to their approximate correllary under Apogee's current programs.

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