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"We are delighted to partner with Apogee in recognizing and supporting Ukraine's most promising young artists, and look forward to all that we can achieve together for many years to come.”
Eugeni Lisuk, Director of the Stolyarsky School in Odessa, Ukraine


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Window on the Apogee World
Simion Gronic, currently the world's youngest Apogee Merit Scholar, is shown performing on four different national instruments during this live outtake from the Foundation’s 2006 Odessa International Music Festival.
Gronic is a virtuoso of the trumpet as well as of a host of national instruments. In 2006, he became the first Apogee Award laureate from Moldova, where he studies in the country's leading music school.
For more information, see Apogee's 3 October 2006 news release.
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Note: the structure of Apogee's award and grant programs was formalized in 2005. Because some awards and grants had different titles and/or were accounted for in periods other than academic years or performance seasons in prior years, and because some of the awards listed above were provided by other persons and entities before the time of Apogee's existence and were later grandfathered into Apogee Awards programs in order to assist those beneficiaries further, all entries prior to 2005 have been designated according to their approximate correllary under Apogee's current programs.

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