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Apogee's Achievement Award is provided to leading instructors and directors who have consistently enabled others to achieve world class excellence in the performance arts.

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Apogee's Apotheosis Award is the Foundation's highest honor: provided exclusively to leaders in their field who have achieved and enabled others to achieve world class excellence in the performing arts to a level of historic significance.

In recognition of Apotheosis Award laureates' legacies, a series of Excellence Awards may be named and provided in each Apotheosis Award laureate's honor.

Ludmila Sakharova in Perm

Ludmilla Sakharova shown teaching class as the promising new Artistic Director of the Perm State Ballet School in the 1970's

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Apogee initiated its awards program at the Perm State Ballet School during the 2000/2001 academic year in collaboration with the School's former Artistic Director, Ludmila Sakharova, who retired in 2004 following more than three decades of service in that post.

In recognition of Madame Sakharova's lifetime of achievement and also the example she has set through this uniquely successful form of international collaboration, the Foundation awarded her the inaugural Geidenreikh Honorarium for Excellence in Education and has named its 2005/2006 Apogee Merit Scholarships to Perm students in her honor.


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