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"Our long term partnership with the Apogee Foundation has made an enormous difference to our students, graduates and faculty. We welcome this partnership not only for what it means to our most talented participants while they train within the walls of our School, but also for the difference it makes in their lives and later careers.”
Ludmila Shevchenko, Director of the Perm State Ballet School in Perm, Russia

Apogee Merit Scholarships are the Foundation's core student award for students of the performance arts who demonstrate extraordinary ability and promise of future distinction in their fields.

Apogee World Scholarships are awarded to Apogee Merit Scholars consistently demonstrating levels of talent and achievement reaching an indisputably world class level.

The Foundation also has announced its intention to introduce a Prodigy Program for carefully selected Apogee World Scholars whose levels of talent and achievement are of a level of promise which could be expected to attain a historic level of significance. The Prodigy Program is not just an award, but an entire system designed to insure that these consummately gifted and dedicated artists achieve their fullest potential on the world stage. Apogee World Scholars who are selected for the Prodigy Program become entitled to substantial support from the Foundation for as long as they continue to meet the extremely high standards of this program.

Apogee President Kenneth Schneider delivers a lecture-presentation on Method Acting at the Tibetan Institute of Performing Arts
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Vadim Muntagirov received Apogee Merit Scholarships supporting his training at the Perm Ballet School every year from his entry at the age of nine until being awarded an Apogee World Scholarship at the age of 15 which enabled him to continue his studies at the Royal Ballet School in London, England.

In 2006, Vadim won the Prix de Lausanne and three other major international ballet competitions in rapid succession and was named "Hope of Russia" by Natalya Makarova and the jury at the St. Petersburg International Ballet Competition where he also was awarded the Grand Prize despite being the youngest participant in the event. For more information, see the Foundation's 13 September 2006 news release.


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