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Press Release

July 12, 2005

Apogee Awards Prizes and Scholarships to Students of Extraordinary Ability in Russia

The Apogee Foundation has awarded eight of its prestigious Excellence Awards to elite performing arts students at the Perm State Ballet School, the leading training institution of its kind in central and eastern Russia, in fulfilling its mission to promote human excellence in the performing arts.



"It is a privilege for our Foundation to be able to recognize in an ongoing way an institution, its leadership and richly talented participants who have meant so much to such a huge area of the world for so long."

New York, July 12, 2005 (eMediaWire, PRWeb and PressBox) - Apogee has awarded seven Apogee Merit Scholarships and one Apogee World Scholarship to the top students at Russia’s elite Perm State Ballet School. The Foundation’s Scholarships programs make available significant international recognition and support for performing artists in training who demonstrate extraordinary ability as students and promise of future distinction as leaders in their field. The continuation of Apogee's long history of collaboration with Perm State, resulting in awards to more than 30 of Perm's most outstanding students and faculty since 1999, demonstrates the Foundation’s enduring commitment to the great artistic traditions carried on and represented by their recipients. Detailed information about Apogee's scholarship programs can be found at http://www.apogeefoundation.org/awards/excellence.php

Ludmila Sakharova
Ludmilla Sakharova shown teaching class as the promising new Artistic Director of the Perm State Ballet School in the 1970's

Winners of the Foundation's Apogee Merit Scholarship are selected as the outstanding representatives of marquee training programs by a combined jury of Apogee and institutional experts, and receive a monthly stipend to assist them in realizing their potential. Apogee World Scholars are named when trainees attain indisputably world class status. Apogee World Scholars are eligible for a full spectrum of assistance from Apogee Management designed to optimize not only their opportunities for ongoing training but also their overall educational and career prospects.

Apogee Foundation Excellence Award laureate Ksenya Ovchinnikova
Apogee Merit Scholar Ksenya Ovchinnikova in class

Apogee initiated its awards program at Perm State six years ago in collaboration with the School's former Artistic Director, Ludmila Sakharova, who retired last year following more than three decades of service in that post. In recognition of Sakharova's lifetime of achievement and also the example she has set through this uniquely successful form of international collaboration, Apogee's 2005/2006 Merit Scholarships to Perm students are named in her honor. The 2005/2006 winners of the Ludmila Sakharova Apogee Merit Scholarships are: Anna Vysochina (3rd year), Nikita Chetverikov (3rd year), Alexander Belobodorov (5th year), Ksenya Ovchinnikova (6th year), Alexander Taranov (6th year), Maria Menshikova (7th year), and Maxim Maryenin (7th year).

Apogee President Kenneth Schneider with award laureates Sergei Chernayev, Ludmila Sakharova and Yuri Sidorov
Perm Artistic Director Ludmila Sakharova with Apogee President Kenneth Schneider (center) flanked by Achievement Award laureates and Apogee Merit Scholarship jury members Sergey Chernayev (left) and Yuri Sidorov (right) at the Foundation's first Perm award ceremonies in 2000

Apogee President Kenneth Schneider stated: “It is a privilege for our Foundation to be able to recognize in an ongoing way an institution, its leadership and richly talented participants who have meant so much to such a huge area of the world for so long. Having known and worked with Ludmila Sakharova for six years of the thirty she served as Artistic Director of the Perm School, it also is a personal honor for me to celebrate her life's work by bestowing these awards in her name upon the students to whom she dedicated so much of her talents.”

Apogee Foundation Scholar Vadim Muntagirov
Apogee World Scholar Vadim Muntagirov in performance

The Foundation simultaneously announced that Vadim Muntagirov had been selected as the first Apogee World Scholar from Perm--making him the first laureate of this prestigious award from central Russia. On May 30th, Apogee also awarded three other Excellence Awards to Perm State graduates and faculty: http://www.apogeefoundation.org/awareness/2005-2006/artist_prizes.php

To view this news release with full photographic content and to download printer friendly and PDF formats, as well as to obtain translations into other languages, please refer to the Foundation's website: http://www.ApogeeFoundation.org/awareness/2005-2006/student_scholarships.php

About the Perm State Ballet School

The Perm State Ballet SchoolThe Perm School was founded in 1941, when Russia’s leading ballet company and school were evacuated to Perm from Leningrad—-bringing with them such dance luminaries as Natalia Dudinskaya, Konstantin Sergeyev and Galina Ulanova as well as other artists of historic significance such as composer Sergey Prokofiev. From that time until the turn of the century, Perm remained one of Russia’s three leading ballet training institutions and the foremost school of its kind in central Russia.

About The Apogee Foundation ®

The Apogee Foundation began activities in Russia in 1997 and was incorporated in the United States in 2004 as a New York based not-for-profit corporation. Apogee is dedicated to the development of human excellence in the performing arts. It supports cultural institutions and individual artists, providing administrative, promotional, and financial support to help talented individuals achieve their full potential, and enabling this potential to be showcased to the world.

The Apogee-New Names Joint Press Conference at the 2006 Crescendo Festival in St Petersburg

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