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Press Release

July 11, 2006

Apogee Marks its Tenth Year of Operations by Naming its Global Advisory Council and Unveiling its New Logo



"All of us on the Council look forward to contributing to the future success of both Apogee and the many talented performers it seeks to support."

To mark the start of its tenth year of operations promoting human excellence in the performing arts, Apogee today unveiled its new logo and named an international Advisory Council of leading experts who will advise and assist the Foundation in fulfilling its mission around the world.

The Apogee Foundation's New Logo

Apogee's new logo

The design represents the Foundation's vision of assisting the world's most talented artists in achieving the apogee of human excellence.

Click image to enlarge

New York, July 11, 2006 (eMediaWire, PRWeb and PressBox) – The Apogee Foundation today marked the start of its tenth year of operations by unveiling a new logo and naming a ten member, global Advisory Council of leading specialists to advise and assist it in the fulfilment of its mission. These developments coincide with Apogee's rapid international expansion and the consolidation of its position as a leading force for the development of human excellence in the performing arts around the world.

Apogee's new logo was rendered by a creative design team which included members of Apogee's management as well as Foundation beneficiaries. As the product of such collaboration, it conveys both the vision of those working to carry out the organization's mission and the dreams of those whom it is intended to serve.

The Foundation's international Advisory Council is constituted of leading figures in the professions, the arts, business, politics and education. The Advisory Council advises the Foundation's directors and officers on all aspects of fulfilling Apogee's global mission. Given the extraordinary breadth of skills and backgrounds represented on this body, the Council also is designed to function as a collaborative forum for advancement of the Foundation's aims throughout the diverse geopolitical regions where it is active.

Fred Harrison, Chairman of Apogee's Advisory Council

Fred Harrison: Chairman of Apogee's Advisory Council

Mr. Harrison has advised and assisted the Foundation for more than six years in becoming a leading force in the performing arts around the world.

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Serving as Chairman of Apogee's Advisory Council for the 2006-2007 season is Fred Harrison, the Managing Partner of Ansdell Associates, who has advised and assisted the Foundation since the year 2000.

Also named to Apogee's Advisory Council are nine other specialists, each of whom has devoted his or her talents to the development of the Foundation and the fulfilment of its mission for many years:

- Svetlana Borodina, former Director of Investor Relations at Sibneft and current Director of Financial and Trade Communications for TNK-BP (institutional relations and communications advisor)

- Boris V. Egorov, former Deputy Chairman of the Culture Fund of the Russian Federation and current Deputy Editor of "Our Heritage" Magazine (Russian cultural and political advisor

- Michael A. Fortier, former Managing Director at each of Salomon Brothers, Morgan Stanley, Deutsche Bank and JP Morgan and current Managing Director of Slavia Capital (financial advisor and Central European affairs advisor)

- Tommy Helsby, Chairman for Europe, the Middle East and Africa, Kroll (risk management advisor and Europe and Middle East advisor)

- Youri Kuznetsov, Head of the Department of Culture and Tourism, Administration of the Odessa Province of Ukraine, and Senior Instructor of music at the Odessa Conservatory (music, education and Ukrainian affairs advisor)

- JoAnna Lin-Neuhaus, former Senior Manager of International Taxation for Deloitte & Touche and current Director of International Finance for Wal-Mart (accounting and tax advisor and Chinese affairs advisor)

- John A. Mann II, former Head of International Media Relations for Sibneft and current Head of International Public Relations for Millhouse LLC (public relations and public affairs advisor)

- Francesca Martonffy, former National Program Director and Acting CFO of the World Affairs Councils of America, former Chairman of Art Enables, and current Global Leadership Fellow, World Economic Forum (public policy and philanthropy advisor)

- John H. Silva, former Presidential Operations Manager for the U.S. military and now a social entrepreneurship specialist at Harvard University (social entrepreneurship and international affairs advisor)

Fred Harrison, Chairman of Apogee's Advisory Council

Boris Egorov: Apogee Advisory Council Member

Mr. Egorov has advised and assisted the Foundation for more than four years in helping it to revitalize performing arts training systems in the Russian Federation.

Click image to enlarge

All appointments are effective immediately. Additional members of the Council will be named during the 2006-2007 season to compliment the ongoing expansion of Apogee's programs around the world. For continuously updated information on the Advisory Council's members and activities, please refer to the Foundation's website: http://www.apogeefoundation.org/people/advisors.php

Advisory Council Chairman Fred Harrison said: "I am delighted to accept the Chairmanship of the Council for this first year. I think it is indicative of Apogee's broad mission that it has appointed an advisory group from such diverse backgrounds. All of us on the Council look forward to contributing to the future success of both Apogee and the many talented performers it seeks to support." 

Fred Harrison, Chairman of Apogee's Advisory Council

Youri Kuznetsov: Apogee Advisory Council Member

Mr. Kuznetsov has been the central figure in the launch of the Foundation's programs throughout Ukraine.

Click image to enlarge

Apogee President Kenneth Schneider said: "It is inspiring to work with such talented and dedicated professionals in service of the world's most talented and dedicated artists. On behalf of the global Apogee family, I warmly welcome the members of Apogee's 2006-2007 Advisory Council as the ideal way to mark the culmination of our first decade of operations. We sincerely thank each and all of the Council's members for devoting their valuable skills to the service of humanity's greatest vision of itself."

For the full version of this news release, please see: http://www.ApogeeFoundation.org/awareness/2006-2007/advisory_council_logo.php

About The Apogee Foundation ®
Now concluding its tenth year of operations, Apogee is a nonprofit corporation dedicated to the development of human excellence in the performing arts. The Foundation provides administrative, promotional, and financial support to help talented individuals achieve their full potential, and to showcase this potential on the world stage.

The Apogee Foundation: Achieveing the Potential

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