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Press Release

October 31, 2006

Acclaimed Composer Anton Brejestovski Produces Major New Three Act Ballet for Apogee's Artists in Residence Program

Apogee Composer in Residence, Anton Brejestovski, has completed a full length original ballet, "The Faerie Queen", commissioned by the Foundation to further its mission of advancing human excellence in the performing arts.

Apogee Artist in Residence Anton Brejestovski

Internationally renowned composer and Apogee Artist in Residence, Anton Brejestovski.

Apogee's Artist in Residence program engages elite creative talent to develop works advancing human excellence in the performing arts.

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New York and Moscow, October 31, 2006 (RNWire, eMediaWire, PRWeb, PressBox) – The Apogee Foundation announced today that its internationally renowned Artist in Residence, composer Anton Brejestovski, has completed work on a full length original ballet entitled "The Faerie Queen," which will be produced for stage and screen by Apogee's media & entertainment partner Aurience Ltd.


"The Faerie Queen affirms the human potential to achieve excellence through the arts, and it is a privilege to collaborate with such visionary talent to further this mission around the world."


For more information on The Faerie Queen, to hear musical excerpts and read a summary of the libretto, please visit the Foundation's website: http://www.apogeefoundation.org/

Apogee launched its Artists in Residence program in 2005 to engage elite creative talent for development of works advancing human excellence in the performing art_s. Mr. Brejestovski was selected for the distinction of serving as the inaugural Apogee Artist in Residence. With the libretto and score for The Faerie Queen now complete, Apogee will now award the most talented available choreographer a further residency position to complete this collaborative project.

The language of Laoris developed by Apogee Artist in Residence Anton Brejestovski

The language of Laoris is a linguistic system reflecting the deep aesthetic harmony of faeries with the natural world.

Mr. Brejestovski is internationally renowned for his work representing the faerie realm's complex aesthetics.

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For more information on Apogee's Artist in Residence program, please see Apogee's website: http://www.apogeefoundation.org/awards/

Born on 7 May 1971, Anton Brejestovski is based in Moscow, Russia. He seeks in his music to show realities beyond the physical world in their fullest depth and diversity. Mr. Brejestovski has become internationally recognized over the past decade for his development of musical, spoken and written languages reflecting the complex aesthetics of the faerie realm. His record of successful productions includes two ballets, four films, multiple theater productions, an opera, numerous academic works, and six globally distributed CDs including the widely acclaimed Elvenmusic series.

For more information on Anton Brejestovski, please see Apogee's website: http://www.apogeefoundation.org/people/residents/brejestovski.php

Musical score of the full length original ballet: The Faerie Queen

The opening bars of The Faerie Queen score (above) and the orchestration of the Water Faeries' Dance from Act II (below).

Apogee will seek the most talented available choreographer to bring this new work to stage and screen.

Click images to enlarge

Computer orchestration of the full length original ballet: The Faerie Queen

Since 1999, Apogee has commissioned and participated in the development and production of original performance art to expand and showcase the talents of its beneficiaries at each stage of their careers. The deeply nuanced libretto for The Faerie Queen was developed in creative collaboration over the course of the past year by Mr. Brejestovski and Apogee President Kenneth Schneider. It follows the fortunes of Thomas who, by virtue of both extraordinary talents and events, enters the faerie realm and falls in love with the Faerie Queen. His experiences there and his eventual return to the human world serve to highlight these realms' contrasting aesthetics and values. Each of the ballet's three acts contains an inspired pas-de-deux for the ballet's principal dancers.

For more information on original performance art commissioned by the Foundation, please see Apogee's website: http://www.apogeefoundation.org/programs/

Apogee Composer in Residence Anton Brejestovski said: "This is my biggest and best composition so far, to which so much of my work over the past decade has formed a prelude. Since my early childhood I have felt the enchantment of the world of Faerie, its unattainable beauty and the perfection of its music compared to the human world, and I've tried to convey all of this through The Faerie Queen."

Apogee President Kenneth Schneider said: "The Faerie Queen affirms the human potential to achieve excellence through the arts, and it is a privilege to collaborate with such visionary talent to further this mission around the world. We could not have asked for a better Artist in Residence or a better masterpiece to represent these qualities of artistic excellence than Anton Brejestovski and The Faerie Queen."

For the full version of this news release, please see: http://www.apogeefoundation.org/awareness/2006-2007/brejestovski_original_ballet.php

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Now concluding its tenth year of operations, Apogee is a nonprofit corporation dedicated to the development of human excellence in the performing arts. The Foundation provides administrative, promotional, and financial support to help talented individuals achieve their full potential, and to showcase this potential on the world stage.

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