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Press Release

August 22, 2006

The Apogee Foundation Begins Performing Arts and Multimedia Collaborations with The University of the Arts in Philadelphia



"We are delighted to collaborate with The Apogee Foundation in fulfilling our shared goals of achieving excellence in the performing arts, and look forward to a year ahead filled with exciting and meaningful accomplishments."

Apogee will collaborate with UArts' Colleges of Performing Arts and Media and Communication to develop and showcase the artistic potential of the Foundation's and the University's participants.

New York , August 22, 2006 (eMediaWire, PRWeb, PressBox) – The Apogee Foundation today announced that it is partnering with The University of the Arts in Philadelphia, Pa., for the coming academic year to further both institutions' missions of promoting artistic excellence.

University of the Arts and Apogee Personnel Collaborating on the Foundation's Fusion Program

University of the Arts and Apogee personnel at work on Fusion

UArts Faculty member Brian Sanders is shown in collaboration with Apogee in Philadelphia on implementation of the Modern Dance component of the Foundation's Fusion Program.

Click image to enlarge

One aspect of this collaboration will be the continuing implementation of Apogee's Fusion Program. The Fusion Program is designed to enable gifted performing artists from Eastern Europe and Asia to transition to the world stage by integrating both Eastern and Western forms of artistic awareness and expression into a creative whole greater than the sum of its parts. The first Fusion pilot programs were developed and implemented earlier this year in Boston with the assistance of faculty members from The Boston Conservatory and Harvard University.

In this second stage of the Fusion Program's development, the UArts' College of Performing Arts will host one or more Apogee beneficiaries in order to provide them with a holistic background in Fusion Program components in which the University is particularly strong. These include contemporary modes of dance, music and drama training and performance, improvisation and compositional technique, and global historical and philosophical perspectives on the arts. It is anticipated that the participation of Apogee's most gifted beneficiaries in these programs will serve to enrich both institutions' communities and serve to fulfill both institutions' missions.

For more information on the Fusion Program, visit www.apogeefoundation.org/programs/fusion.php and the Foundation's earlier press release: www.apogeefoundation.org/awareness/2005-2006/fusion_program.php

Apogee President Kenneth Schneider with School of Dance Director Susan Glazer

Apogee President Kenneth Schneider with UArts School of Dance Director Susan Glazer

The first collaboration between Apogee and The University is the continuing implementation of the Foundation's Fusion Program.

Click image to enlarge

The Foundation simultaneously announced that it will collaborate with the UArts' College of Media and Communication to implement technologies showcasing human artistic excellence. The University will provide faculty, alumni and interns specializing in multimedia and interdisciplinary fields to help Apogee attain world-best standards for its presentation materials, including the Foundation's website and other interactive presentation environments. It is anticipated that this will provide both institutions and their participants with valuable opportunities to cultivate the highest levels of artistic potential and inspire participation in the creative and practical sides of both institutions' missions.

University of the Arts School of Dance Director Susan Glazer said: "We are delighted to collaborate with The Apogee Foundation in fulfilling our shared goals of achieving excellence in the performing arts, and look forward to a year ahead filled with exciting and meaningful accomplishments."

Chris Garvin, Director of the Multimedia Department at University of the Arts, said: "We welcome this interesting opportunity to work with Apogee in developing multidisciplinary approaches to showcase artistic excellence. The University of the Arts prides itself in being among the best qualified institutions in the country to participate in innovations bringing to bear artistic talents from all of the visual, performing and communication arts."

Apogee President Kenneth Schneider said: "Apogee is grateful to UArts for this opportunity to partner with their talented faculty and students in fostering and promoting human artistic excellence. We look forward to fulfilling our shared ideals together through achieving the artistic potential of participants in each of the projects we pursue together."

For the full version of this news release, please see: www.apogeefoundation.org/awareness/2006-2007/university_arts.php

The University of the Arts

The University of the Arts

The University of the Arts has been devoted to engaging, refining, and articulating artists' creative capabilities for over 135 years.

Click image to enlarge

About The University of the Arts
The University of the Arts is the nation's first and only university dedicated to the visual, performing and communication arts. Its 2,300
students are enrolled in undergraduate and graduate programs on its campus in the heart of Philadelphia¹s Avenue of the Arts. Its history as a leader in educating creative individuals spans more than 130 years.

About The Apogee Foundation ®
Now concluding its tenth year of operations, Apogee is a nonprofit corporation dedicated to the development of human excellence in the performing arts. The Foundation provides administrative, promotional, and financial support to help talented individuals achieve their full potential, and to showcase this potential on the world stage.

The Apogee Foundation: Achieveing the Potential

© The Apogee Foundation ®

Achieving the Potential of Human Excellence in the Performing Arts

Kenneth Schneider, Apogee President
1001 Avenue of the Americas, 12th Floor
New York, NY 10018-5460 (USA)
+1.646.233.4350 or +1.888.APOGEE.8
Fax: +1.646.292.5101

Kevin Kaufman, UArts Media Relations Manager
320 South Broad St.
Philadelphia, PA 19102 (USA)
+1.215.717.6504 (office)
+1.215.651.6551 (mobile)

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