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Apogee Newsroom

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13 May 2009

Apogee Awards Laureates Shine in Command Performances at Apogee Artists International Concert Series

10 February 2009

The Apogee Foundation is Named Top Non-Profit in the First Annual Fast Pitch! Business Awards


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6 January 2009

Aurience Ltd and The Apogee Foundation Partner to Interfuse the Power of Performance Arts with the Penetration of Electronic Media


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9 December 2008

The Apogee Foundation Introduces Programs Fostering Synergy Among the World's Great Spiritual Traditions

25 November 2008

The Apogee Foundation Teams up with SBWire to Increase the Visibility of its Programs Fostering Creative Excellence Around the World

11 November 2008

Apogee Expands its Internationally Recognized Programs Promoting Intercultural Collaboration through the Arts

15 October 2008

Apogee Establishes Programs Fostering Sacred Musical Expression Around the World

25 June 2008

Apogee Celebrates American Artistic Excellence with a Month of Events, Concerts and Awards in New Orleans

24 April 2008

Apogee Launches Programs for the Discovery, Development and Celebration of Artistic Excellence in New Orleans

12 March 2008

Apogee Names 14 Regional Coordinators to Further the Ongoing Globalization of its Programs

29 January 2008

Apogee Globalizes its Programs for the Development of Artistic Excellence

27 November 2007

Apogee Appoints Global Advisory Council to Promote Human Excellence in the Performance Arts

13 November 2007

Apogee Rolls Out Performing Arts Programs Across East Asia

1 November 2007

Apogee and Aurience Join Forces to Interfuse the Power of the Performing Arts and the Penetration of the Electronic Media

23 October 2007

Apogee Launches Programs in China and Provides Awards to Four of the Nation's Most Outstanding Musicians

3 October 2007

Apogee to Launch Performing Arts Programs and Events Across South Asia

6 September 2007

Apogee Celebrates a Decade of Milestones by Announcing Expansions of its Programs Around the World


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28 August 2007

Apogee Launches Performing Arts Programs Across India

07 June 2007

Aurience and Apogee Announce Global Collaboration Promoting Performance Arts through Electronic Media

09 March 2007

Apogee Provides Awards to Central Russia's Most Gifted Ballet Students and Instructors in Honor of the Region's Historic Artistic Traditions

25 January 2007

Apogee Launches Ambitious Expansion Programs to Mark the Start of its Second Decade of Operations

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03 January 2007

Apogee Appoints 18 Regional Representatives to Continue Expansion of its Programs Throughout America, Europe and Asia

31 October 2006

Acclaimed Composer Anton Brejestovski Produces Major New Three Act Ballet for Apogee's Artists in Residence Program

Известный композитор Антон Брежестовский закончил новый трехактный балет для реализации программы Apogee Artists in Residence

03 October 2006

Apogee's First International Music Festival in Odessa Presents 33 Awards and Scholarships to Gifted Young Musicians From Four Nations

13 September 2006

Apogee Foundation Scholars are Honored with Seven of the World's Most Prestigious Awards for Young Performing Artist

29 August 2006

Apogee Announces that it will Hold its First Festival for Elite Young Musicians in Odessa September 25-28, 2006

22 August 2006

The Apogee Foundation Begins Performing Arts and Multimedia Collaborations with The University of the Arts in Philadelphia

11 July 2006

Apogee Marks its Tenth Year of Operations by Naming its Global Advisory Council and Unveiling its New Logo

27 June 2006

Apogee Opens Headquarters in London and Los Angeles to Oversee Expansion of its Programs in Europe and Asia and its Growing Media & Entertainment Activities

13 June 2006

Apogee Provides Awards and Grants to Nine of Ukraine's Most Gifted Musicians in Collaboration with the Nation's Leading Music Schools

30 May 2006

Apogee Honors the Traditions of the Perm Ballet School with Twelve Excellence Awards and an International Exchange

16 May 2006

Apogee Relaunches its Partnership with Russia's Bolshoi Ballet Academy and Provides 15 Scholarships and Grants to the Academy's Top Students and Faculty

Фонд "Апогей" возобновляет свое партнерство с Академией Балета Большого Театра и предоставляет 15 стипендий и грантов лучшим ученикам и факультетам академии

18 April 2006

Apogee Awards 25 Prizes and Grants to the Rising Stars of Russia's Music World at the Crescendo Festival in St. Petersburg

7 March 2006

Apogee Rolls Out Innovative Fusion Program to Facilitate the Successful Emergence of Gifted Performing Artists onto the World Stage

Апогей запускает Объединенную Программу с целью облегчить выход одаренных исполнителей на мировую сцену

18 January 2006

Apogee Marks Banner Year in Build Out of Worldwide Operations and Fulfillment of its Mission to Foster World Class Excellence in the Performing Arts

«Апогей» отмечает рекордный год с точки зрения выстраивания работы и выполнения своей миссии в области совершенствования мастерства в исполнительском искусстве

22 November 2005

Apogee Introduces New Regional Awards for Elite Performing Artists Throughout the Former Soviet Union

25 October 2005

Apogee Launches Performing Arts Programs Throughout Ukraine In Partnership With National, Regional and Local Governments


«Апогей» запускает программы для исполнителей на Украине в партнерстве с местными, региональными и национальным правительствами

12 July 2005

Apogee Awards Prizes and Scholarships to Students of Extraordinary Ability in Russia

7 June 2005

The Apogee Foundation Awards Prizes and Grants to World Class Performing Artists in Russia

24 May 2005

Apogee Adopts Anti-Corruption Strategy in Working within the Former USSR

26 April 2005

The Apogee Foundation Opens New Office in Midtown Manhattan and Launches New Website

1 March 2005

Apogee Foundation Announces Education Grant to American Ballet Theatre


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Apogee Merit Scholar Bogdan Dekhtyaruk is shown in a live performance at Apogee's Odessa International Music Festival.
Dekhtyaruk was a student of the Demutsky State Music School in Uman (Central Ukraine), when he was discovered by the Foundation in 2005 and selected as the first laureate of the Cherkassy Award for Excellence in the Performing Arts. By virtue of this, he was given the opportunity to perform at Apogee's 2006 Odessa International Music Festival and was named an Apogee Merit Scholar by the festival jury. This award enabled Dekhtyaruk to continue his studies at the Stolyarsky State Music School: the leading music school in Ukraine.
For more information, see the Foundation's 13 June 2006 and 3 October 2006 news releases.
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