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"It is a privilege and inspiration for everyone associated with Apogee to work hand-in-hand with some of the world's most gifted artists, thus fostering humanity's greatest vision of itself."
Kenneth Schneider, President of The Apogee Foundation

Apogee's programs are coordinated and implemented around the world by a collection of uniquely qualified Associates and Coordinators led by the Foundation's Officers and Directors, who are in turn advised by a high powered Global Advisory Council.

All of these members of the Apogee family are devoted to serving the interests of our beneficiaries, and to bringing all persons of good will together to achieve the apogee of human excellence in art and in life.

Window on the Apogee World

Tommy Helsby Youri A. Kuznetsov
Tatyana Markova Dr. Inna Mattei

Shown are members of Apogee's global Advisory Council. The Foundation seeks to attract the highest level professionals from all relevant fields to ensure that it can optimally fulfill its mission and realize its vision around the world

Yu Rongfu Professor Nina Balabina
Michael A. Fortier Francesca Martonffy

Tommy Helsby, Youri Kuznetsov, Yu Rongfu, and Nina Balabina
Tatyana Markova, Dr. Inna Mattei, Michael Fortier, and Francesca Martonffy

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