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Kenneth Schneider Apogee Foundation

Kenneth Schneider, Esq.

President & CEO - Aurience Ltd.
London, England

Member of Global Advisory Council
General Counsel

Legal, Music and Drama Expert

Photo of Kenneth Schneider by Eric Antoniou

Kenneth Schneider was a central force in bringing together the group of extraordinary individuals who formed The Apogee Foundation. When Mr. Schneider took the helm of Apogee for its first five years of operations, he merged his prior careers in the performing arts, international law and finance, and academics into a compelling philanthropic vision. Within those first five years, Apogee was became an internationally recognized vehicle for achieving human excellence, and was recognized with a national award as the "Top Non-Profit" organization.

After studying and performing both as an actor and on musical instruments from every instrument group (keyboard, string, woodwind, brasswind, percussion and voice) and obtaining honors in the theory of art and performance at two of America's leading universities, Mr. Schneider pursued a distinguished legal career during which he became a respected international attorney practicing with several of the most prominent law firms in the financial capitals of the U.S., E.U. and C.I.S. In the course of this work, Mr. Schneider handled international transactions involving parties in more than 50 countries on all six inhabited continents.

Mr. Schneider also serves as CEO of Aurience Ltd., an international media & technology group that, like Apogee, specializes in East-West synergies at the elite levels of these industries. Thanks to Mr. Schneider's participation in both institutions, these organizations have been able to successfully collaborate in a wide range of projects designed to inspire new awareness of, and to create new markets for, excellence in the performance arts by interfusing this with excellence in the electronic arts.


To read an interview with Kenneth Schneider published in the Harvard College Law Journal, click here: Social Entrepreneur of the Arts.

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