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  • Rommel Alama (Graphic Design)
  • Sarah Ritchie (Fundraising & Development)
  • Angela Russo (Fundraising & Development)
  • Bonnie Singer (Project Management)
  • Seraidi Chesney Sosa (Graphic Design)
  • Hugo Ticciati (Academic Planning)

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  • Boris A. Egorov
  • Simona Gronic
  • Tatyana A. Markova
  • Kenneth Schneider
  • Marjorie Schneider
  • Susan Schneider
  • Camran N. Shafii
  • Bonnie Singer
  • Hugo Ticciati
  • Semion Yaroshevich
  • Rongfu Yu

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  • Nina Balabina
  • Michael A. Fortier
  • Nick Halliwell
  • Tommy Helsby
  • J. Richard Klein
  • Youri Kuznetsov
  • Tatyana A. Markova
  • Francesca Martonffy
  • Inna Mattei
  • Rongfu Yu

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Aleksander Lisuk, a student of Ukraine's leading music school, the Stolyarsky State Music School in Odessa, is shown in a live performance at Apogee’s 2006 International Music Festival in Odessa.
For more information, see Apogee's 3 October 2006 news release.
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